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My biggest luxury is my freedom and not having to wear stupid socks!



Bodhilicious was founded by Steffi Fischer.

Steffi, born and raised in Germany, grew up quite traditional: school, university degree, job. In her early 30's she had everything one could ask for: a boyfriend who wanted to marry her (the really, really good kind of guy!), a big house with garden, a management job and a huge closet with outfits for any event and in 3 sizes :-P. Something was missing though... but let her tell herself:

'So by the beginning of my 30's, my life seemed perfect, right!? But this means nothing, if you are not happy with it! I never had the feeling that 'this' was it now and always strove for more, because at some point this 'being happy' was supposed to work, right!?

But it didn't work and I got tired of trying. The need to be free and independent was so strong that I felt like suffocating in my own life. So I broke up with my best friend who could have been the best husband and father and left our beautiful house behind.


Afterwards my life was determined only by work, my head always busy with the company... and suprise, this was also not 'being happy'. It was actually the opposite. I was just fucking stressed, had problems sleeping. My own perfectionism drove me crazy and made me unhappier than ever before. Finally I realised that only by finding back to myself, I can become happy. So I quit my job and my apartment to disembark on an epic journey to find happiness.


Over 2 years later, I can truly say that I am the happiest girl on this planet! I found myself in many beautiful ways, received countless blessings but also faced many challenges including the biggest tragedy of my life - the loss of my mother. But I also learnt how to let go, how to live in the present and the most important lesson: I am the creator of my reality! I found my calling in healing people by doing REIKI and every day my heart is so full with love and gratitude that I sometimes think I gotta explode in a second ;-)

Many people whom I met on my journey were interested in my story and asked me for advice. Especially people who were not spiritual at all, felt that there was a truth in my words. They felt, it was real and authentic what I was telling them, even though they probably didn't believe all of my stories ;-P. As a consequence the idea for BODHILICIOUS was born.

At the same time I felt like it was time to give back the numerous gifts that I have received on my journey. And how better doing that, than helping people - by providing them with all the tools I learnt.

And here we are babes! Bodhilicious workshops and retreats do exactly this: they help you, to help yourself. And for me it's just the coolest thing ever to host those programs, to pass on what I learnt so you experience how it feels like, to REALLY be alive, to feel with all your heart knowing you are supported  and protected wherever you go. 

So that was a lot of text, right!? But hey, you asked who BODHILICIOUS is... and this is even just a super brief version :-P

Join me in one of our workshops and retreats to find out more ;-)



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