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Reconnect with yourself and disembark on a journey to stillness of body and mind... that's the shit, babes!



We do believe that Yoga is a journey, a journey to yourself but also a journey to reconnect with your body. Simply by breathing, we are able to detect areas in our body where we hold tension and therefore our energy flow is blocked.


And also by breathing we can release this tension and make way for the energy, the Prana or Chi, to travel to all areas of the body. The movement into postures (Asanas) supports this process. And you will feel it, the more you let go in your body, the more you also let go in your mind... you let go of worries or anxieties and simply thoughts that are so powerful, that they create physical tension in your body. So by relaxing the mind, you will relase more in the body and this again leads to a deeper relaxation of the mind. Eventually you come to a stillness in the posture, in your body and your mind with just the breath flowing naturally in and out. Cool, hm!?

And this feeling once achieved is highly addicitve :-P, it's a holiday for the mind or better a holiday from our mind ;-)




Our mission is taking you on the journey to stillness during the YOGA practice, sharing the knowledge and experience from our own journeys – authentic and real!

IMG_1114.JPG the jungle!



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